Fight to reopen South Leeds Sports Centre continues

Although South Leeds Sports Centre (SLSC) is currently closed, the fight to reopen it continues. On Monday 28 February a meeting of SPLASH (Save our PooL And Sports Hall) was held at Hillside. Councillor Adam Ogilvie also attended the meeting and indicated a number of options that were being considered by the council to bring the centre back into use.

June 2010 protest march

Proposed closure of other leisure facilities in the city will also exacerbate the situation for the people of South Leeds. It is clear that use of the so-called alternative of the John Charles Centre for Sport is quite restrictive. For example, the pool was closed for a whole day on one occasion to enable a special event to take place. How have you been affected by the closure of SLSC? Do you have any stories that illustrate the impact of closure on our communities? If you do, why not let us know by posting a comment below.

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