Escape commercial Christmas at Skelton Grange

A community conservation charity in South Leeds will be giving the chill to the standard Santa’s Grotto experience, and will instead be running a magical winter’s trail celebrating light in the darkness.

The fundraising event runs today and tomorrow (Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 December 2019) where volunteers will help erect small structures created by ‘The Little Folk’ in a reclaimed woodland in Stourton, Leeds.

The public are invited to explore the candle-lit grounds, ending at a camp-fire for a warm hot chocolate drink and seasonal music.

Designed for families with young children, the event will support the mission to get more children outside and learning about nature, and will be a fundraiser for The Conservation Volunteers.

Chris Ensor, Team Leader at Skelton Grange says:

“We designed this to be the event we wished we could have taken our children on when they were small: beautiful, gentle, not too overwhelming for them, a memorable time to spend together.”

‘A Winter’s Trail’ is open to everyone and the charity is not affiliated with any religious or political organisations. The aim of the trail is to encourage interest in the natural world with fun and imagination when Winter days are short and the weather is cold.

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Skelton Grange Environment Centre is a project in partnership with The Conservation Volunteers, National Grid and Leeds City Council, and has transformed the remains of a derelict power station site into 10 acres of beautiful woodland, ponds and meadows.

The area is now used for school visits, volunteering and training. The Conservation Volunteers support volunteering across Leeds at Skelton Grange and their Hollybush Centre in Kirkstall.


This post is based on a press release issued by Skelton Grange Environment Centre