Enjoy a flat cap Christmas – and support Friends of Holbeck Cemetery!

Flat Cap Christmas – the real Christmas story with a Yorkshire twist

Are you proud of your Yorkshire accent? Then celebrate the Christmas story as if it happened here in Yorkshire.

Hear Mary’s story when the angel appeared while she was black-leading the stove. Jo’s rap about his journey to Bethlehem. The shepherds story, sung to that great Yorkshire anthem, ‘Ilkla Moor Ba’at’ and listen to those three posh blokes who arrived with presents for Jesus.

A new edition of a small book of poems/songs by the Paternoster Players, edited & illustated by Beeston’s Eve Tidswell, is now available on Kindle from Amazon, price £1.54. All proceeds go to The Friends of Holbeck Cemetery to support their work.

So if you fancy yourself as a mummer or just want to brush up on this great dialect or just want to celebrate the real Christmas in a different way check it out. ( Amazon Kindle website even lets you have a little peak inside just to get you excited)

PS: All sheep illustrated were genuine Yorkshire breeds too!!

This article was written by Eve Tidswell using our Community Reporters website at www.communityreporters.sllife.leeds11.com