Hunslet & Riverside Ward


Elected: IQBAL Mohammed

Candidate Description Votes
BROWN Nina Charlotte Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 52
CARLISLE Ed Green Party 2,303
IQBAL Mohammed Labour Party 2,535
LYNAN Cordelia Frances Social Democratic Party 43
ROWDEN Paul Richard The Conservative Party Candidate 456
TURNER-CHASTNEY Benedict Luke Liberal Democrats 90
Electorate: 17,537
Turnout: 31.5%
Spoilt ballots: 50


Here is a list of all the candidates standing in Hunslet & Riverside ward for election to Leeds City Council on Thursday 6 May 2021.

We have contacted to all the candidates to ask them about why they are standing and what their policies are. We will publish their answers as they send them in so keep checking back to compare answers and make your choice.

We also held an online hustings meeting. Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the video.


Nina Charlotte BROWN

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

(address in Leeds)

Nina is an NHS audiologist and a member of Unite the Union. She is an active socialist campaigner in Leeds and has been involved in campaigns against the privatisation of the NHS, cuts to domestic violence refuge services, the women’s strike assembly group and fighting for socialist change; not climate change. As a member of the Socialist Party, Nina recognises the importance of linking up these various campaigns by fighting for a society that plans its resources in a fair and democratic way, to meet the needs of all.

If elected, Nina would argue to use council resources to fight cuts rather than passing them on to the working class. TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) is a national organisation standing in areas where voters would otherwise have no anti-cuts option on the ballot. TUSC did not stand in the 2017 and 2019 general elections and instead campaigned for Corbyn’s socialist manifestos. However, Labour councillors have consistently passed on Tory cuts and under Starmer’s leadership it is clear the Labour Party no longer represents the working class. TUSC councillors will put the interests of ordinary people first and fight to defend our local services.



Green Party

20 Harlech Avenue, Leeds, LS11 7DT

I’ve lived, worked, and volunteered across this area for 18+ years. I’ve co-led or supported dozens of projects and schemes:

And I’m active locally year-round, working with residents, businesses, and agencies to tackle issues (including the cladding crisis, bins, housing, crime, litter and waste, paths and roads, and more) together, developing innovative and resident-led solutions to the challenges we face.

With incredible support from a wide range of great local people, I’ve stood in elections for this area since 2015. We’ve come a strong second every time, we’re the only credible alternative here to tired old Labour, and we’re now well-placed to breakthrough and win.

More and more people feel ‘politically homeless’, disillusioned with the big parties – locally and nationally. This election presents a great opportunity for us to start afresh, elect local people to be a strong independent voice for our communities, and turn our neighbourhoods and city around for good.,, / 07738 921 277


Mohammed IQBAL

Labour Party

(address in Leeds)

I have been proud to serve you as part of your local Labour team, and have a proven record of standing up for local people in Civic Hall to deliver local change. Your local Labour team and I have worked throughout the pandemic to deliver improvements across the ward such as more litter bins, life-saving defibrillators, securing funding to develop a Hunslet town square, renovating our all-important pocket parks, lobbying to restore the No1 bus route and much more. I’m not into photo opportunities but am serious about delivering for local people, examples are here

I’m proud of being part of the Labour Council in Leeds, which worked tirelessly during the pandemic to support local people. We provided over £30,000 for the local food hubs and ensured free school meals to all eligible children in Leeds during the holidays.

The choice this May is clear – either forge a fair post-pandemic recovery for all with a Labour council or return to the uncertainty of a Tory-led/Lib Dem/Green coalition.

You can make a fairer future possible by voting Mohammed IQBAL on Thursday May 6th and keep your local Labour team together- working hard for you.


Cordelia Frances LYNAN

Social Democratic Party

62 St Luke’s Green, Leeds, LS11 8PF


Paul Richard ROWDEN

The Conservative Party Candidate

(address in Leeds)

Paul worked in the print industry and on completion of his apprenticeship, moved to Leeds in 1978 to join the West Yorkshire Police working in Millgarth, Chapeltown and Wetherby. Leeds.

On retiring Paul works as a supervisor/driver, which brings him into contact with the travelling public.

He is aware of the decline in manufacturing in Hunslet over the decades, in addition to housing issues, public transport, high crime rate and anti-social behaviour.

He would like to see Hunslet and Riverside area redevelop brown field sites for social housing as well as new industrial units and to encourage new business into the area to create jobs though regeneration.

If elected as a councillor he would work hard to motivate local people and business to become involved in local policy making by offering regular meetings and surveys on key local issues.

His development plans would include the reopening of the Hunslet Railway station, better bus services including the promotion of electric buses on local routes.

He would work with the local police and support the role of neighbourhood policing in conjunction with other statutory bodies.

Better roads including the reduction in speed limits, parking, local support for medical and mental health issues.



Liberal Democrats

20 Alnwick View, Leeds, LS16 5RP


In England, if a candidate has requested not to make their home address public, the relevant electoral area in which their home address (or country if their address is outside the UK) will be provided. 


We also held an online hustings meeting to which all candidates were invited. You can watch it here: