Elections 2014: European Parliament results


Concluding our coverage of last Thursday’s elections, here are the results of the European Parliamentary election.

Polling Station St Luke'sMembers of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected on a proportional representation basis called the regional party list. Six MEPs are elected to represent Yorkshire and the Humber and the seats are allocated based on each party’s overall vote.

The results were as follows:

An Independence From Europe    24,297
British National Party    20,138
Conservative Party    248,945
English Democrats    13,288
Green Party    102,282
Labour Party    380,189
Liberal Democrats    81,108
NO2EU    3,807
UKIP    403,630
Yorkshire First    19,017

The six seats were allocated as follows:

  1. Jane Maria Collins  –  UKIP
  2. Linda McAvan  –  Labour Party
  3. Timothy John Robert Kirkhope  –  Conservative
  4. Amjad Mahmood Bashir  –  UKIP
  5. Richard Corbett  –  Labour Party
  6. Mike Hookem  –  UKIP

Electorate: 3,868,192 Turnout: 33.33%

You can find out more details including a split of votes for each local authority area on the Leeds City Council website.