Education experiences wanted from Belle Isle and Middleton

A Leeds charity is looking for people in Belle Isle and Middleton to interview about their experiences of education and how they made decisions about their options.

Together For Peace is undertaking the research on behalf of Go Higher West Yorkshire, a consortium of local colleges and universities, who work to help raise awareness of Higher Education and support people who might not consider it an option for them.

The Go Higher bus will be at Beeston Festival on 14 July 2018

The two organisations are working together to gather the stories of 18 to 40 years old who are from or grew up in Middleton and Belle Isle, so that we can create a collection of people’s experiences.

They will then use this to help develop better support and knowledge around Higher Education for the young people of Middleton and Belle Isle and for their families.

Ed Carlisle, who works for Together for Peace and also lives locally, commented:

“It’s great working with the colleges and universities on this, enabling them to connect with and learn from people in our communities. Higher Education isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they really want to make sure local people have all the info and pathways open to them, to make the right decisions for themselves. Please be in touch to find out more or to get involved: we’d love to hear your stories, and use them to help the next generation get the very best advice and input they need.”

The research will take the form of an hour long interview talking about your education, training and work experiences. If you are 18-40 and grew up in Belle Isle or Middleton and would like to take part please contact Ed Carlisle on 07738 921 277 or email: