Deadline approaching to apply for a year 7 place for 2022

The deadline to apply for a secondary school place (year 7) for September 2022 is next Sunday (31 October 2021).

Families are advised to use all five of their preferences to give their child the best chance of being allocated a place at a preferred school. Using less than five doesn’t increase the chances of being offered your first preference.

The simple and secure application form can be completed online at

Families will also find a range of information on the website to help them choose their five preferences, including advice on the application process, links to individual admissions policies, information about school transport, as well as allocation data from previous years to help families decide if there is a reasonable chance of being offered a place at the schools they are listing.

Parents and carers can also watch this video that takes them through the key steps of the application process:

There are other options for those without access to online facilities and these can be discussed with the admissions team by calling (0113) 222 4414.

For those applying using our online portal, offers will be sent out by email on Tuesday 1 March 2022 during working hours. For those that apply by any other means, letter will be posted on 1 March, so will arrive later that week.

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, Leeds City Council’s executive member for economy culture and education, said:

“Moving to secondary school is a huge step for any child. They leave behind the comfort and familiarity of their primary school to begin their next life stage. We are proud that Leeds is home to so many incredible secondary schools that offer our young people the opportunity to develop, make friends and receive a high standard of education.

“It is really important that families apply on time, use all five of the preferences open to them and do research on the schools they preference.

“I would urge all those applying to make use of all the information and resources available to them and reach out to us if they need support. We are here to help.”


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council