Cross Flatts Park is a hive of activity as group marks 11 years

Al Garthwaite, of the Friends of Cross Flatts Park, guest posts on the successes of the resident-led group…

The Friends of Cross Flatts Park are on a mission to make the park a safe and attractive place for the community to enjoy.

Over the past 11 years we have built up a programme of events and made many improvements, working closely with the council and Groundwork.

These include the multi-games area and a popular exercise trail which goes around the park.

Some 11 years ago there were no railings around the park. We did a survey of local residents and they all flagged it up as a major issue. We have ensured that railings have now been put in place.

Last summer we had a donation of plants from a show garden and so we created two new beds at the top of the park alongside Parks and Countryside. And we generally work very closely with the Beeston in Bloom group.

Every summer we enjoy bands in the park. Bands include steel, jazz, brass, swing, ceilidh, and street music. People of all ages come to the park and enjoy it. They’ll run again this year from June until end of July.

We also hold a dog show on the first Sunday in July, last year we had more than 70 entries.

We are continuing to make improvements ands are working closely with Parks and Countryside to improve the steps in the park.

As the group is run by local residents, we have to raise all the funds ourselves. We get a lot of support from the inner south area committee and Parks and Countryside.
In future we aim to plant some fruit bushes near Cross Flatts Primary School and are working with them to plant bulbs.
We always need more people to get involved. Contact Al Garthwaite on 2717460 or email