Cross Flatts Active Travel Zone postponed

The implementation of the Active Travel zone in the Cross Flatts area of Beeston has been postponed following feedback from residents.

The scheme, which involves blocking roads to close rat-runs and encourage walking and cycling for short journeys, is one of three to be introduced in Leeds. Cross Flatts was due to be the first, but after Councillors asked for a delay to address residents’ concerns, it will now follow schemes in Chapeltown and Hyde Park schemes.

The scheme will be adjusted to deal with problems raised, such as the difficulty in turning right onto Dewsbury Road. A revised plan will be hand delivered to all affected households after the chaotic distribution of the original scheme details. There will also be an online Question & Answer session.

The scheme which was due to be implemented this month is now due to be implemented in October.

Cllr Gohar Almass commented:

“Following concerns raised by the residents myself, Cllr Angela Gabriel and Cllr Andrew Scopes met with senior council officers to demand a delay to the implementation of the Active Travel Neighbourhood in Beeston and for the scheme to be re-worked to take account of the feedback already given by you.

“We are pleased to confirm that the council has agreed to a delay and to revise the proposals. Once we have an updated timeline we will communicate this, including when details of new proposals will be available.

“We would also like to thank everyone who has commented on the proposals.”

The online consultation here is still open and will remain open for comments throughout the trial period of the scheme.


13 Replies to “Cross Flatts Active Travel Zone postponed”

    1. Good news–emergency services were consulted very early on and have no concerns about this plan. If you think about it quieter streets with less traffic are actually easier for emergency vehicles to navigate.

    2. Agreed, I would much rather have speeding drivers killing kids than an ambulance being able to get somewhere slightly quicker.
      I’m glad you support kids being run over Linda.

      1. When was the last time you heard of an accident injuring a child in the area? Statements like that are so wrong.

      2. Speeding drivers should be stopped. No question. Normal drivers should not be inconvenienced by this type of thing. Its like some people on the consultation with gardens front and back saying they enjoyed the children playing in the street. They live one street away from a park and children should be taught not to play on the roads not encouraged to do so. And if a child got injured because they were playing in the road and a reversing car having to do a three point turn to get out of their street did not see them what would happen if the ambulance was delayed because it had to do a circle of the area to get to them.

  1. Why cant they just give up and put speed cameras on the most used roads instead. That what the majority of residents seemed to want. No detrimental effect on parking and house prices and people with two cars can still park back and front. Speed cameras would hit the offenders where it hurts.

    1. I agree Linda speed cameras are a good idea for this area but not sure if these are only put on main roads , anyone know if this is the case ?

  2. I think whatever the general public have to say, Leeds City Council will go head with their plans for the Cross Flats area. Just wonder if any of them live in this area at all .

    1. “whatever the general public have to say, Leeds City Council will go head with their plans” Your comment is the exact opposite of what has happened – LCC have just put off the plans in response to residents – i.e. the general public’s – feedback

      1. Only because there was such a backlash because they did not consult the residents. All over England plans like this have been scrapped either before or within a couple of weeks if implementing them.

  3. We need speed cameras on Cross Flatts Grove as there are boy racers and others who are way above the 20mph limit all day long.

  4. This is no good at all SPEED BUMPS yes because I’m telling you someone is gonna die on our streets because you wont spend the money to put in place something more suitable and God forbid that anyone gets killed

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