Crisp Packet Project to help the homeless

A brilliant way of recycling empty crisp packets and helping homeless people has begun in Leeds and needs your help.

Emma from Belle Isle spotted the project in Hastings and decided to bring it to Leeds. The project uses used crisp packets with the silver linings, ironing them together and covering them in a waterproof plastic lining (recycled from supermarket packaging). These are then turned into useful items for homeless people on the streets of Leeds.

Survival sheets, Bivvy bags, Pillow cases, tote bags and dog bed mats are just some of the items Emma and her growing number of volunteers have created so far and handed out to people through the Hidden Homeless Leeds group.

The project started as a way for Emma to recycle landfill plastic and help the homeless, but is growing into a much needed resource and she needs help to continue the amazing work.

The Crisp Packet project needs:

  • Empty Crisp Packets (preferably washed)
  • Clear Plastic sheeting from large delivery items
  • A base to store and accept donations
  • Lots of volunteers to help iron and make the items

The crisp packets are washed, dried and ironed to make sheets, then covered in industrial clear sheeting and turned into heat reflective and waterproof items which are so useful for people living on the streets in wet conditions.

A bivvy bag uses 150 crisp packets which are ironed together and takes quite a bit of time, so Emma is looking for volunteers willing to help iron together items in their own homes. It’s a slow process, but the whole item uses materials which would have gone to landfill. It’s also a way to help others whilst self-isolating at home.

Emma has started a Facebook group where you can find out more about the project or you can contact Emma at:

Bivvy bag


7 Replies to “Crisp Packet Project to help the homeless”

  1. Hi there, just wondering if you are collecting crisp packets at the moment? We have sone washed and ready if you’d like them? Please let me know and I can drop them off
    Many thanks, Sandra

  2. I live in Huddersfield is there any nearer drop off places for ‘Crisp bags’

    1. No, but if you send your email address to the editor I will arrange to collect them and pass them onto Emma

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