Creating communal greenspace in Stratford Street

Hubbub and Leeds City Council have designed campaigns to inspire ways of living which improve the environment.

Rochyne Delaney McNulty knocked on doors in the streets surrounding Stratford Street in Beeston Hill looking for volunteers to help with creating communal spaces/gardens and approached me at Asha Neighbourhood Project to work with them using Asha’s back yards.

Asha Neighbourhood Project was happy to offer their space to inspire neighbours to do the same.

Councillor Paul Wray (Hunslet & Riverside) came to Asha on Wednesday 8 September 2021 with four workers from Hubbub and two workers from Leeds Recycling. They joined in door knocking, tidying, painting and making planting beds in tyres for vegetables and flowers. Three women who are part of the Asha peer group and four children that live on the same street as Asha, joined them.

Councillor Wray believes quality-shared spaces would make communities successful in caring for the environment. He wants local residents to help the council in planning and creating more community spaces, reclaim residential streets and ultimately to make our cities substantially nicer to live in – improving the health, happiness and enjoyment of the community and the city.

Services users and neighbours have reported the garden has brightened up the Asha centre and the street.


This post was written by Tahena Ahmed

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