Crashed stolen lorry closes Dewsbury Road


As a community reporter you don’t expect a story to drop into your lap, but that’s what happened this afternoon.

I had to pick up a parcel from the Sorting Office. My Other Half had the car so I was on foot and I noticed that the traffic into town was backing up along Dewsbury Road. When I got over the motorway footbridge I found out why. Police cars were blocking off the road and traffic was being diverted. Under the bridge a wagon lay on its side with half its load scattered across the road.

RTA Oct13
Crashed lorry closes Dewsbury Road. Photo: Jeremy Morton


Having tweeted the image to warn our followers to avoid this route, I was contacted by Sam Casey from the Yorkshire Evening Post. They ran the story with my photo. According to the YEP the lorry was stolen from Jack Lane and the culprits fled the scene before the Police arrived.

The road eventually re-opened around 6:00pm.