Council threatens Middleton Park Golf Course with closure

At its meeting on 12 December 2012 Leeds City Council’s Executive Board considered Initial Budget Proposals for 2013/14 which included a proposal to close Middleton Park Golf Course.

It is also proposed to close Gotts Park Golf Course in Armley. The report states that both courses run at a loss and the numbers using them continue to decline and notes that Middleton golf course is adjacent to another private course. The report says that the closure of the two course will save £100,000 and result in the loss of 2 full time jobs.

It is not clear what public consultation there has been about this proposal nor whether consideration has been given to transferring either facility to the private sector or to a social enterprise. It is also not clear how the closure of the course at Middleton Park fits with the recent expenditure on the rest of the Park. The report indicates that it is proposed to let the course return to ‘parkland’ but it is not apparent from the report what assumptions have been made about the costs involved in managing this.

The Council currently runs four golf courses: Roundhay Park, Temple Newsam and the two threatened with closure. On its website the Council describes the course at Middleton as ’18 holes with magnificent views of the city and beyond’.

The course was founded in 1932.



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4 Replies to “Council threatens Middleton Park Golf Course with closure”

  1. i am a member of the leeds courses as are a group of friends i play with 3 or 4 days per week and we were wondering if leeds city council used the golf course as amunition when applying for the £1.46 million from the lottery council.

  2. I have only just heard about the proposed plan to close Middleton Park Golf Club. I turn 60 at the end of February and was planning on buying a season ticket to play at this great course, has there been any decision about its future??? as I will not purchase a season ticket if I cant play here
    Jeff Brooke

    1. The course has been given a 12 month reprieve to see if an alternative to closure can be found. South Leeds Life will be closely following this story.

  3. I think its a disgrace that a golf course of it’s kind can be discussed to closer. I live opposite the course.and also play regular. The car park always full

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