Council prepares response to HS2 viaduct plan

Leeds City Council’s Executive Board will discuss the Council’s response to the consultation on plans to run the new HS2 high speed rail line on a viaduct through South Leeds.

The report to Wednesday’s meeting (24 July 2019) raises concerns about the visual impact of the viaduct calling for more visualisations to make the consultation meaningful. The image above is the only image provided for a viaduct set to run for 8km from Woodlesford, through Hunslet to the city centre.

The proposed viaduct will be 14-34m wide and create large “undercroft” areas underneath and adjacent to it. The report calls for a thorough approach that looks at maximising the opportunities for regeneration and economic development and ties in with open spaces and flood alleviation plans. South Leeds needs a “high quality design” that “delivers an international landmark.”

The report recognises that the viaduct plan will reduce the level of disruption during the building phase, but expresses concerns about noise abatement for residents and improvements to the compensation scheme for affected properties.

You can read the full report here.



3 Replies to “Council prepares response to HS2 viaduct plan”

  1. Why can they not slew the existing 2-track rail lines to one side in the cutting as they used to be when 4-tracks ran through Holbeck/ Hunslet. They would then only have to lift them up at the last section onto station. Simples.

    1. Hi Gary, you can find more details here As I understand it most of the viaduct would carry two tracks, but there would be at least one junction linking to the rolling stock sheds near the M1 / Pontefract Lane. There is no start date for this work yet, but the railway is due to be operational by 2033.

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