Council has the latest local information on ward Facebook groups

Leeds City Council has set up Facebook Groups to share very local information about the Coronavirus outbreak in each of the 33 wards in the city.

The three groups covering inner South Leeds are:

Beeston & Holbeck (includes Beeston from Cross Flatts Park up to the Co-op, Cottingley and Holbeck)

Hunslet & Riverside (includes parts of the city centre, Beeston Hill, Hunslet and Stourton)

Middleton Park (includes Belle Isle and Middleton)

If you live, work or have family connections in one of the three areas you are encouraged to join the group. Your elected Councillors and Council officers will post information about the virus outbreak, and the help which is available.

These is not discussion forums and posts about politics, or theories about the origins of the virus, as well as abusive posts will be deleted.