Cottingley Closer Communities – Improving Your Estate

The following article is taken from the West Yorkshire Police website:

The Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) and partners are aiming to improve the Cottingley estate by tackling issues affecting the quality of life of local residents.

The Cottingley Closer Communities project kicks off on Friday, 23 September, and will focus on crime, grime, housing and environmental issues across the whole estate for six months.

The aim is to address the issues that really matter to local people, who then feel empowered to take more ownership of their local estate and community.

The project is a partnership between the Holbeck NPT, Leeds Anti-Social behaviour Team, Leeds City Council’s Environmental Locality Team, Refuse Collection, Aire Valley Homes Leeds, Streetscene, South Leeds Area Management, the NHS, Cottingley Primary School and TRAC – the Cottingley Tenants and Residents Association.

The launch event begins at 9.30am on Friday, 23 September at the Cottingley Community Centre, in the form of a Day of Action where partners and residents will work together to clean up the environment and identify any issues to be addressed over the coming weeks.

Those who wish to take part are asked to bring a packed lunch, with tea and coffee provided at the community centre at midday.

The scheme is being introduced by Inspector Damien Miller of the Holbeck NPT, and follows the Cardinals Closer Communities project which reduced crime by a third and anti-social behaviour by half on the estate.

Inspector Miller said: “The scheme will get to the heart of the issues that really matter to local people, and I encourage everyone to get involved.

“The scheme was a huge success on the Cardinal estates and I’m convinced it will be just as successful in Cottingley.”

Weekly walkabouts and Monthly Meetings – Get Involved!

The partners will also carry out walkabouts on the estate every Friday, to ensure issues continue to be tackled. The estate has been split into three areas and the walkabouts will focus on each area every three weeks.

The first walkabout, on 30 September, will focus on the area bordered by Cottingley Approach, Ring Road Beeston, and Elland Road.

The second walkabout, on 7 October, will focus on the area bordered by Cottingley Approach, Cottingley Drive, and Dulverton Grove.

The third walkabout, on 14 October, will focus on the area bordered by Cottingley Drive and Dulverton Grove.

There will also be monthly community meetings at Cottingley Tenants and Residents Association, at Cottingley Primary School, on the first Monday of every month. The first one is on Monday, 3 October.

Updates on the scheme will be offered, and everyone present will have the opportunity to make suggestions on any issues to be tackled.

Councillor Angela Gabriel said: “There are longstanding issues that need sorting out on the estate, and by getting the different partners working together over the next six months we will start to see a real difference.

“We can only do this with the help of the community, who can get involved either by attending the walkabouts or meetings, or by becoming a street champion with TRAC.”