Cornelius is cooking on gas at Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Beeston resident Cornelius O’Leary is encouraging local residents to take up healthy cooking to reduce their risk of developing serious long term health conditions.

Cornelius O'Leary (right) at Jamie's Ministry of Food
Cornelius O’Leary (right) at Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Cornelius is supporting the NHS drive to get people to think about their eating and cooking habits. One of the ways to do this is by signing up to an eight week cooking course at Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Leeds based in the city’s Kirkgate Market.

Cornelius, 67, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2014 after living on takeaways and readymade meals. He was encouraged by his GP to attend Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Leeds, as this would help him to cook healthy meals and have a controlled diet.

Cornelius O’Leary said:

“After taking advice from my GP I signed up to the eight week course at Jamie’s Ministry of Food at Leeds Kirkgate Market in August 2015. The course helped me improve my cooking skills and prepare healthy meals. It’s also helped me control my diabetes and my weight, as I’m no longer having food that’s high in sugar, salt and fat.

“I’ve also completed a follow up course which had advanced recipes and techniques compared to the eight week course. The classes have really helped my culinary confidence, and the great thing is that you get to do all this in a fun environment without any pressure.”

Simon Chappelow, Food Projects Coordinator at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Leeds, said:

“At the Ministry of Food Leeds we want you to develop confidence in your cooking. We teach you a full range of cooking skills to help you prepare quick, healthy meals as well as learning how to shop on a budget. You’ll gain knowledge about nutrition, food hygiene and healthier cooking techniques, and enjoy yourself at the same time!

“Whether you’re a beginner or just want to improve your skills in cooking, you can come along to a taster session to see what we do at Jamie’s Ministry of Food.”

Dr Gordon, GP and Clinical Chair at NHS Leeds West CCG, said:

“By eating a healthy balanced diet you will reduce your risk of gaining weight, developing diabetes, or getting high blood pressure all of which can lead to coronary heart disease. If you struggle to cook healthy meals or you’re frequently getting takeaways, it will be ideal for you to sign up to the course at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Leeds. You’ll learn to cook tasty, affordable and nutritious meals from scratch, which not only benefit you but the whole family in the long-term.”

For further information about Jamie’s Ministry of Food Leeds, visit or call (0113) 242 5685.