Community Committee to discuss the older unemployed

Councillors and residents will be discussing to we can help over 50s reconnect to the labour market at the next Inner South Community Committee which takes place on Wednesday 11 February at 5.30pm, in the East and West Room of Leeds Civic Hall.

Community committee logoThis will be the third Community Committee workshop, which aims to improve community involvement and engagement in local decision making. Previous meetings have discussed domestic violence and support for families.

The session will discuss:

  • Local work around specialist support for unemployed men who are 50+
  • The impact of unemployment on mental health
  • Community learning initiatives
  • Benefits of Volunteering
  • Leeds Get Active/Active lifestyle initiative aimed at men

It is expected that the workshop will identify tasks that can contribute to a local plan for action.

In her invitation, Cllr Angela Gabriel, Chair, said:

“We are encouraging local residents to attend to get their voices heard. So if you know of people or residents from your groups that would be interested in attending please could you share this information with them.”

The Workshop will be followed by The Inner South Community Committee meeting at 7.00pm.This formal part of the evening includes an Open Forum where residents can raise any issue or put a question to your local councillors on any relevant topic.

You can find a full agenda and papers for the formal meeting here:

Sandwiches and hot drinks will be available from 5.00pm.