Co-producing – a new way to shape drug and alcohol services


An event is taking place next week which will take a different approach to shaping services for drug and alcohol abuse in LS11.

Co-production event 11.12.13

Co-producing Leeds have organised the event at the Hamara Centre on Wednesday 11 December 2013. Residents, service users, professionals, students and volunteers are invited to the event. The day starts with lunch at 12pm and will run through to 5pm.

Coproducing Leeds has held three other workshops across Leeds in Seacroft, Armley and Hyde Park with great success. These workshops have seen a number of spin off actions including increased service provision, agreement to use unused GP space to run services from and the development of a social movement towards minimum pricing for alcohol in Leeds. In addition social networks have been strengthened and service users, commissioners and providers are now working more closely with each other and listening to each other.

The workshop will be an interesting and interactive event where you will be able to hear a range of perspectives about drug and alcohol services: a service user’s recovery journey or a particular encounter, the motivation of a service worker for doing the work they do, or the issues facing the system from a strategic or organisational perspective.

Natalie Leach from Leeds University said:

“We are asking community members, professionals, students, volunteers and service users to co-design, co-deliver and co-resource solutions to drug and alcohol related problems in Leeds.

“We think when people work together we get better quality and longer lasting results.”

For more information contact Natalie