Climate Corner: BBC focuses on Leeds’ carbon neutral target

BBC Radio 5Live is coming to Leeds to focus on climate change and the mission for the city to become carbon neutral by 2030 – and they want you to be involved!

Have you changed your job, lifestyle or the way you travel because of concerns about climate change? Is it something you and your family take into account? Or is the issue something you would like to know more about?

Hannah Bewley from Radio 5 Live is looking to speak to residents and families across Leeds about they think about climate change and the big changes coming to the city.

Hannah is also interested in interviewing people from families that have lived in Leeds for several generations, to discover how their lives and work has changed, so if you come from a family with its roots in and have a story to tell please get in touch.

I have been doing a bit of digging into my own family’s past and discovered my Dad’s family came to Leeds in the 1750’s to work in the tanning industry, then had a small woollen mill in Burley. By the 1870’s the rising popularity of cotton clothing drove them out of business, so they went into selling fabrics.

My maternal great grandma ran a corner shop in Woodhouse, and my gran had a little haberdashery shop in Harehills in the days when there was a corner shop at the end of nearly every street. Many family members worked in the textile industry until manufacturing was outsourced to other countries, and today most of us work in service industries.

Our city has changed beyond recognition in the last 50 years, but Leeds now has some of the most innovative ‘green’ manufacturing in the UK, setting us in good stead for our move toward a zero carbon future.

Radio 5 Live will broadcast at least six live programmes from Leeds over the next six months, ending with a panel of people living and working in the city. If you would be interested in taking part or would just like to find out more email


This post was written by Beth Bingley

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