Clean Air campaigners’ plants for classrooms

Members of the South Leeds Alliance for Clean Air got their ‘Plants For The People’ campaign off the ground at Lane End Primary School last month.

The campaigners are looking for ways to improve air quality in the area in the light of the Council’s decision to exclude South Leeds from the city’s Clean Air Zone.

One initiative is to distribute plants that are particularly effective in taking in carbon dioxide and pollutants, whilst emitting oxygen. They aim to get air-cleansing plants into every classroom, in every school, across south Leeds.

Ed Carlisle commented:

“It was great to be in Lane End today – the youngsters were so engaged with this and similar issues. There’s much more to do, with both this scheme and other elements of our clean air campaign – but this is hopefully the start of a big project for our communities here in south Leeds. If people want to get involved, please get in touch.”

Liz Miles, Science Lead Teacher at Lane End said:

“The children and staff are thrilled to be part of the project bringing clean air plants in to the classroom. We are committed to developing responsible eco-citizens of the future, educating children in ways to look after our planet. This project is a fantastic way to promote this message in our classrooms.”

As well as the plants project, the group are also looking at other activities including conducting independent citizen-led air monitoring; pushing for green walls on the sides of the M621; planting trees; and carrying out community outreach.

“There are a wide range of us working on this project,” added Katrine Bay Masden “but more help is always welcome.”