Chickens killed at Middleton Primary School

Pupils and staff at Middleton Primary School are in shock after a group of young people broke into the school and killed the school chickens, reportedly kicking them to death.

The attack, described by West Yorkshire Police as “cruel and mindless” occurred on Sunday (21 July 2019) evening at about 9pm.

Inspector Lucy Leadbeater said:

“We are carrying out enquiries to identify those responsible and would like to hear from anyone who saw a group of youths in the area or who has any specific information about those involved.”



One Reply to “Chickens killed at Middleton Primary School”

  1. This is disgusting behaviour of Children who have no discipline from Parents. I used to keep Chickens as a teenager, they are gentle creatures and don’t need this abuse.
    This just another act of vandalism after Various acts of vandalism at Middleton Elderly Aid Social centre.
    Recently Our Poly Tunnel got damaged. Did your Children come home with vandal proof paint on them, or were you in the pub, and not bothered?

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