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Changes to the Armley Gyratory system

Whilst the Armley Gyratory system is not in LS11, it affects many of us and Leeds City Council are consulting on changes to the junction aimed at improving traffic flows.

Those travelling to the north of the city centre and beyond from Beeston and Cottingley will be familiar  with the A643 ‘Ingram Distributor’. This is the dual carriage way which links Elland Road to the A58(M) / A64(M) section of the Inner Ring Road. They will also be familiar with the traffic queues that can stretch back beyond the M621 Junction 2 roundabout at peak times.

The proposed changes to Junction 2 of the M621 which we reported on here, depend on better flow at the Armley Gyratory. The changes will also affect people trying to pick up parcels from the sorting office if Royal Mail gets its way with plans to close its Holbeck Delivery Office.

The main aim of the three proposals in the consultation are to speed traffic flow from the Ingram Distributor to the Inner Ring Road and vice versa. This involves building a new route directly across the giant roundabout at ground level.

Option 1 maintains the roundabout for users on other routes (a bit like the Dewsbury Road / M62 junction at Tingley. The other two options turn the junction into something more akin to the Spaghetti Junction interchange with some sections elevated onto bridges over the main south-north route.

For full details, including improvements for cyclists and pedestrians, and to take part in the consultation, go to:

1. A more direct route through the junction for northbound traffic.
2. Three new pedestrian andcycle crossings are introduced,to improve safety and access.
3. A new bridge is provided to improve traffic flow for northbound traffic and give new routes for pedestrians and cyclists.
4. A new bridge is provided to improve traffic flow for southbound traffic and give new routes for pedestrians and cyclists.




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