CCTV cameras installed in Holbeck

Local councillors Gohar Almass, Andrew Scopes, Angela Gabriel are pleased to see the much awaited installation of six new CCTV cameras around Holbeck, providing further reassurance to those who reside and work in the area.

Monitored by LeedsWatch 24/7, the cameras provide the capability to increase the safeguarding of residents in Holbeck and helping to ensure the objectives of the Managed Approach are met, particularly reducing the prevalence of street based sex-work in residential Holbeck. They will also deter and prevent crime as well as be used as extra resources to investigate and detect offences that have occurred.

It is hoped that local residents and businesses will benefit from improved safety in the area and reductions in crime levels.

Councillor Gohar Almass (Labour, Beeston & Holbeck) said:

“The installation of these new CCTV cameras provides further reassurance to our residents that we are doing everything that we can as Councillors to address crime in the area, and that community safety remains very much a priority for us. – we know from police reports that they have already been used to prevent theft from cars in the area!

“We encourage residents to report all criminal activity and are hopeful that CCTV cameras will ensure crime levels are kept to a minimum.”


This post is based on a press release issued on behalf of Beeston & Holbeck Councillors

Photo: One of the new cameras at the junction of Domestic Street and Top Moor Side


3 Replies to “CCTV cameras installed in Holbeck”

  1. Pity that cameras have been introduced due to the increased crime rate because of the councils unforward thinking of the unmanaged zone.Common sense which our council seem to be short of was obviously going to lead to a rise in criminal activity upon the instigation of the zone.So we now have the added cost of maintaining these cameras allied to police costs,cleaning teams to rid the area of sex and drug related products,the so called charity group who issue ” advice” and free condoms.Perhaps the charity people should be the ones to collect the used condoms.And do these councillors think these cameras will alleviate the problem.I suspect the problem will move to other areas not cure it.Beeston,Cottingley Wortley prepare for a increase in anti social behaviour ( do gooders name for crime).

    1. Well said How true but there are only 3 so why does the article say six. ? And why is the paper printing the press release without checking.

  2. Well I work up on Shafton lane and I have to start at 3-30 am every now and again ….believe me the lady’s of the night and there pimps are still hanging about at the bottom of Shafton lane near to where the cameras are ,so they aren’t bothered,they now the police aren’t there at that time….plus when I go into work I’ve seen used condoms all around our gate…….hate starting early down there. I’ve even resorted to taking the van home when I know I have to start early….

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