Calls for developer to complete Middleton road

Here’s the latest (and slightly edited) press release sent out by the three Middleton Park councillors…

Geoff Driver

Pressure is growing on the developers of a major housing development in Middleton to honour their commitment to frustrated residents to bring their estate’s main roads up to a safe and acceptable standard. 

Residents who started to move into the New Forest Village development three years ago are still waiting for the surface of two main roads through the estate to be finished off, despite assurances made to them that the work would be done before the end of 2011. 

While the work remains incomplete the council cannot accept responsibility for the roads and provide its full range of services to residents, including cleansing and the gritting of the roads and footpaths. While the streets remain unadopted, there are also issues around street lighting.

Local councillors Geoff Driver, Judith Blake and Kim Groves are supporting local residents concerns and have been liaising with the council’s Highways department to see what can be done to pressure the developers into taking action to resolve the issue. 

Councillor Geoff Driver (Middleton Park) said:

“I am really disappointed with the way the developers have continuously failed to deliver on their pledge to have the two main roads in New Forest Village surfaced.

“Many residents have been waiting over three years for something to happen but no progress has been made and the severe winter last year only highlighted the problems. 

“The developers have indicated that they may undertake the work at some point next year, but this is no comfort to local residents who fear another winter of disruption.

“There are some real risks – and not just in winter-time – for all users of these roads because of their sub-standard and unadopted condition. It is high time this matter was put to rights. I will continue to work with residents and the councils Highways department to pressure the developers to get these roads surfaced.”

A local resident said:

“It is a big concern for me with winter approaching and not having access to a gritting service or, at the very least, grit bins so we can grit the street ourselves.

 “Another concern is the absence of street lighting in some areas of the estate. It currently feels dangerous for me and my children and it would feel a lot safer and secure if all the streets were lit.”