Calling online community champions

If you’re reading this article you are part of the online community, but 90,000 adults in Leeds are either offline and/or lack basic digital skills. The Council is now calling on community groups to help bridge the digital divide.

An event in Middleton this month organised by 100% Digital Leeds under the banner ‘Fight The Divide’ aims to bring organisations, charities, groups, businesses, one-man bands and community groups together to pool their knowledge and expertise and form a local network.

Organisers say:

“If you’re an organisation working on the front line, you’ve seen the impact of digital exclusion up close. There are too many that are struggling, and the gap in digital skills is getting wider.

“We know that helping people to become digitally included will bring wider social benefits. Improved digital skills help people be better informed, pay less for things, be more employable, feel more independent, be less isolated, and live better, easier, longer lives.

“We want everyone to: understand how digital would benefit them; be able to gain the skills they need to make the most of digital; and get connected. We can’t do this alone: we need your help to fight the digital divide.”

The free event takes place on Monday 15 October from 1-4pm at The St George’s Centre in Middleton. To register for your place please click here.