Brown garden bin collections re-start

Collections of garden bins across Leeds are set to re-start.

BinsFollowing the winter break, the fortnightly brown bin collections will resume in March.

Collection days remain the same and can be checked on the council’s website. You can also download a handy calendar to remind you of your collection schedule.

Using brown bins is an effective way of keeping garden waste out of landfill; helping to save money and cut carbon emissions.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“We just want to remind residents that garden bin collections will be starting again soon.

“As the season starts to turn there will be more jobs to do in the garden and I hope residents make full use of their brown bins to help us financially and environmentally.”

Brown bins can be used to dispose of grass and hedge cuttings, fruit which has fallen to the ground, leaves, dead house or bedding plants, weeds, twigs and small branches.

To help keep bin collections running smoothly, residents are asked to put bins out by 7am on collection day and taken back in as soon as is practical once emptied.

The city’s eight household waste sorting sites are open throughout the year to recycle a range of items including garden waste.

Residents also have the option of composting at home. The council offers reduced price compost bins so you can turn your kitchen and garden waste into a useful resource to use in your garden.