Broom Pit anniversary to be celebrated

The Middleton Railway Trust (MRT) has received funding from Middleton Park ward Councillors to mark the 50th anniversary of the closure of Broom Pit, the last coal mine in South Leeds, in 1968.

MRT will be producing a special booklet for all primary school children in the ward as well as a more detailed book aimed at adults. A major event at the railway is being planned for September, which will be the highlight of this year’s activities at Middleton Railway.

Cllr Kim Groves shakes hands with MRT Chair Malcolm Johnson alongside Charles Milner (MRT) in front of a Middleton coal truck.
Photo: Jeremy Morton

They are especially keen to hear people’s memories of Broom Pit. Perhaps you, or a member of your family worked there? If so you can share your memories by emailing

MRT Chair Malcolm Johnson said:

“Our railway was built to convey coal from the pits at Middleton to Leeds. The event in September will commemorate the closure of the last mine in the area. The visual and written history of the mines and colliers is being collated for distribution throughout the city. It will be preserved as a resource for future generations. I would like to thank Leeds City Council for their enthusiastic support and encouragement.”

Councillor Kim Groves said:

“On behalf of Cllr Blake and Cllr Truswell and myself I’m delighted to support Middleton Railway with funding for this project. We are especially keen to see the work in schools which will help future generations really understand the important role coal played in this community.”

The project is part of the Love Where You Live initiative and aims to build pride in the heritage of south Leeds amongst young people.