Braving the rain for the Holbeck and Beeston Photohunt

It may have been a drizzly grey and windy day, but that didn’t stop 16 people braving a soaking to take positive photographs of the area with the Holbeck and Beeston Photohunt.

Temple Mill
At risk: Holbeck's Temple Mill

Meeting at St Matthew’s Community Centre, the group made their way to the Grade I listed Temple Works, also known as Temple Mill, where we were met by local resident Phil Kirby, who kindly showed us around this beautiful and characterful building.

The building is based on the Temple of Horus at Edfu in Egypt with a chimney designed in the style of an obelisk. Architect John Marshall’s inspiration for the design of Temple Works was his interest in Egyptology. When it was built it was said that Temple Works was the biggest single room in the world.

After a whistlestop tour, it was back up through Holbeck, past the old library building, past the amazing smell of fish and chips at Martins (very appetising when you’re a bit wet and hungry!) and up to St Luke’s Church off Malvern Road.

The group benefited from a running commentary on Holbeck’s history and future plans by the Voice of Holbeck’s Ian Pickup and Dennis Kitchen. The ideas to improve St Matthew’s Community Centre were very interesting – let’s hope the council finds the money!

The church is undergoing a major refurbishment and new roof – it’s going to be spectculat when it’s finished in February. The kind hospitality of Joan Holderness and Dave Florence was appreciated by all.

We had hoped to make it up to Holbeck Cemetery, Cross Flatts Park and St Mary’s Church but the elements (and time) got the better of us. Quite a few people said they’d be up for another photohunt just around Beeston – but perhaps in the summer when the weather’s a little better!

We were taken back to St Matthew’s – with commentary from Ian – where food and coffee awaited. In all, a very good afternoon!

The photowalk formed part of the Looking Good Holbeck and Beeston project, which encourages positive photography of the area. Photos from the walk will be uploaded onto the website once they’ve all been collated in the next week or so.

Looking Good Beeston and Holbeck is run by Beeston’s Phil Kirby, council worker Leanne Buchan, John Baron of Health For All and South Leeds Life and photography group Exposure Leeds. The event was also organised by Kirsty Ware and the good folks at Leeds Photohunt, and formed part of the Leeds Digital Festival.

We’ll let you know when the photos are all online!