Bookmarked: ‘Holbeck and me’

“The terraces are still there, though for how long I don’t know. Some are boarded up and some have gone. The flats by the Moor have been razed, adding to the depopulation of the area and shops, pubs and workplaces continue to vanish. The Lord Nelson on Springwell St is gone, burned out and demolished. The Spotted Cow and the Britannia on Holbeck Moor, the Kings Arms behind Kwiksave, all shut. Kwiksave itself closed down and boarded up. The tower blocks on Holbeck Moor gone. The bank then the Post Office on Domestic St closed while we were there, a big inconvenience. The short row of industrial units opposite us under the viaduct  has been demolished. The Moor itself is still a nice looking oasis of well-kept greenery…”

So writes Peter Biggins in a wonderful post called ‘Holbeck and Me’ for his Leeds Printer blog. It’s a personal piece on his view of Holbeck and how the area’s changed over the years and is well worth a read.

You can catch it here.