Blogging for beginners

Steve CertificatesIt’s a long time since I’ve had a certificate but I’ve just been given one for completing the Community Reporters’ course at Tenants Hall.

I have learned:

  • How interesting Leeds City Museum is
  • How to use photos to illustrate an article
  • About the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when and why) when writing an article
  • About the inverted pyramid*
  • Lots about Middleton Park and how great it is
  • How to interview people
  • About the uses of social media
  • How to stay out of prison – writing articles without libeling anyone!

John Baron and Jeremy Morton have been great tutors – balancing using their considerable expertise to provide information to the group with getting us to do it for ourselves.  We have also had some good discussions – I’ve nearly changed my mind about Twitter!

I think South Leeds Life provides a great opportunity for people both to share information about what’s going on locally communities and to encourage people to get actively involved in their local communities. There are plans to run further courses and I would encourage anyone, whatever their level of knowledge and expertise, to sign up.

* You’ll just have to do the course…

This article was written by Stephen Williamson