BITMO GATE held a balloon race for World Mental Health Day

Balloons are released from THE GATE.

BITMO GATE held a Balloon Race in recognition of World Mental Health Day. On Friday 9th October.

Thanks to Alison Lowe, from Touchstone, who donations were made to. Alison made a short speech, before the balloons were released. When any balloons are returned to The GATE, see who’s balloon went the longest distance.



Thanks to Carla (Of The GATE) for added comments. About 20 people from The GATE, volunteers and general public, released balloons and donated money for balloons released.

If anyone requires mental health advice your firstst port of call should be to your GP.

There is also a mental health unit in Middleton.

Aidan and Julie, tying tag to Balloon ready for lift off.

Your GP may refer you to one of Touchstone’s offices for further advice or to the centre in Middleton, called Aire Court, along with Touchstone, that’s where I was referred to.

I also did a documentary about the same time on air, when I was broadcasting at South Leeds Community Radio. I came out of the Studio to see two people in tears.

Please read my story I wrote in May 2014. I know its long, but please read till the end if possible.

Please click link below.

Touchstones have offices in Beeston.

Touchstone House, 2-4 Middleton Crescent, Leeds, LS11 6JU. Tel 0113 271 8277

Touchstone website:

Off they go.

Although personally,  still on anti-depressants, hopefully one day can come off these.

I would like to thank a few friends who know of my health problems and have helped me along the way. Carla of BITMO GATE. Chris and Julie Holmes of various volunteer groups, Amanda Binns, Jeremy of South Leeds Life and Peter Smith.

Please note, always take advice from a medical professional. These are my thoughts only.

Pictures are my (c),  but you can use them as long as you attribute my name to them. Thank you.

Had my Camera telephoto lens out for this one. Miles away by now.

2 Replies to “BITMO GATE held a balloon race for World Mental Health Day”

  1. Whilst I salute any organisation raising awareness of mental health issues, I cannot condone balloon releases. Balloons cause untold environmental damage when they return to land and sea. Please don’t hold a balloon release again, it is unbelievably irresponsible.

    1. The money raised far outweighs the problem caused by a few balloons. Some may never be seen again.
      Get a life and stop moaning.

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