Better Together health and wellbeing service launched

On Thursday 11 May, three well-known local charities came together to launch a new service delivering community-based health and well-being activities across inner South Leeds. Health for All is the lead partner, working with Asha Neighbourhood Project and Hamara Healthy Living Centre, and the Better Together service is funded by Leeds City Council Public Health.

L-R: Pat McGeever (Health for All); Cllr Paul Truswell; Zaheda Khanam (Asha); Farouk Butt (Hamara); Scott Williams (Hamara)

The event, hosted by Hamara, gave residents of inner south Leeds a taste of what will be carried out under the contract; around 100 people showed up to celebrate the launch and find out what health improvement opportunities will be available locally.

Speaking at the project launch, Inner South Health Champion Councillor Paul Truswell said:

“Better Together means making our communities stronger by working with each other to develop people’s confidence, skills and strengths. Many people in South Leeds face major problems and increasing inequalities. We don’t believe it’s acceptable to walk past on the other side. We believe our fellow citizens’ welfare is our concern. Above all, we believe in community.”

The Better Together logo promotes ‘Healthy Communities, Healthy Lives’ and in inner south this will mean the partners committing to putting local people, their needs and aspirations, at the heart of everything they do. Health for All, Asha and Hamara are offering confidence building, mental wellbeing, coping with bereavement, English conversation clubs, cooking and budgeting skills, gardening, skills and IT courses.  Advocacy and peer support will be available for the most vulnerable.

Better Together will also support the development of small volunteer led/self-help groups in the community with applying for and securing small grants, recruiting additional volunteers and providing peer support for group leaders.

All this is available across Beeston, Belle Isle, Cottingley, Holbeck, Hunslet and Middleton.


This post was written by Rachel Vernelle using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.