Benyon House redevelopment granted full Planning Permission

The controversial new multi-purpose retail site on the former Benyon House in Middleton has been given the green light despite concerns over its effect on the current Middleton Circus and District shopping areas.

As we reported previously, the Council’s South & West Plans Panel went against officers’ advice to approve the plans.

Full Planning Permission was granted in April 2019, and has mainly slipped under the radar of most South Leeds and Middleton area residents. The reason for the planning approval has been given is due to the benefits seemly outweighing the drawbacks in the eyes of the planning committee. The following statement was released with the approval:

“At the Panel meeting on 20th December, in considering the application, Members placed greater weight on the benefits of the scheme in terms of economic development, regeneration, increase in retail offer and job creation, and considered these benefits outweighed the any harm the proposal would have on vitality and viability on Middleton District centre. Members also considered the proposal has the potential to boost trade at Middleton District centre, by new linked trips. The economic and regeneration benefits are material planning considerations and valid reasons to approve the application, contrary to the advice of Officers.”

No new work has yet begun on the site.

The new development is due to host Lidl and B&M stores as well as a Starbucks coffee shop.


This post was written by Steve Hurrell

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8 Replies to “Benyon House redevelopment granted full Planning Permission”

  1. “a Starbucks coffee shop”

    Isn’t Starbucks one of those global companies who fudge their UK corporation tax?

    “The economic and regeneration benefits are material planning considerations and valid reasons to approve the application, contrary to the advice of Officers.” + “has the potential to boost trade at Middleton District centre,”

    What potential to boost? Are you suggesting those whom will frequent Lidl or Starbucks will rush to the Middleton centre to buy some coat hangers from Johns Discounts? Ha. Already the School uniform shop has gone…

    You then have B & M’s moving from the centre to the new site, so what will be left, not much as those retailers are already struggling.
    A new bunch of retail units to replace some older retail units which will inevitably fall into further disrepair and vandalism, WOW…

    So the only actual benefit of Starbucks to the Middleton community is some minimum pay jobs for youngsters (always the young who work in the coffee shops and these firms tend to split hours to have more flexible staffing), to replace those FULL TIME minimum pay jobs that are lost at the Middleton District Centre… Amazing, some real benefit to the community, city or country NOT.

    Come on planners, how much in brown envelopes are you all receiving for this overrule?

  2. I for one am absolutely thrilledthis is getting the go ahead, More jobs for Middleton too!!

    1. Yes me too, it`s been a long time coming, I think it`ll be a bonus for local people with no private transport

  3. Why don’t you the developer’s ask the locals what they would use Starbucks Lidl would defiantly not be mentioned how many more supermarkets do we need in leeds 10

  4. I would have liked to see a family-friendly pub/restaurant. There’s little or no casual dining options available in the Middleton/New Forest Village neighbourhood

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