Benefit scrounger reveals all

Most people describing themselves would start off with a job title, but I’m one of the so-called “benefit scroungers” so I don’t have a single title.

But don’t get the idea that people on benefits are scroungers who do nothing…

On Monday I was a trainee teacher. I’ve been offered a course by Leeds MIND to get a teaching qualification so I can teach crafts to adults in Leeds.

Tuesday daytime I was a on a training day for new volunteers to MIND, I got home, hugged my cat then rushed off to become a team leader for the Joanna project. I led a small team of volunteers driving around Holbeck until midnight talking to the street workers in the area, offering food, a hot drink, condoms and checking on their welfare. I got to bed around 2am.

Today I’m a new community reporter, and this is the first thing I’ve written – I hope it’s interesting!

Tonight I’ll be at a knitting and crochet group in Chapel Allerton. (Three Hulats Pub – 6.30pm start)

On Thursday mornings I attend a pottery class, run by Leeds MIND at their Inkwell project in Chapel Allerton, Thursday afternoons are spent teaching Crochet or some other craft at their Craft Cafe (3-5pm, £3 entry, all welcome)

Fridays is my stay at home day where I work on any upcoming exhibitions or orders of my sculpture or crochet.

Saturdays I am often back at Inkwell running a workshop, usually spinning, weaving, felt or similar. This Saturday though, being the third in the month I’ll be at the Bradford Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers meeting.

Sunday, the day of rest… I go to the Salvation Army in Wakefield, then I find a nice quiet cafe on route home to sit drink tea and crochet.

“Joy, you can be anything you want to be” Mum
“I’m proud of you” Dad
“I can’t believe you crocheted a doll that gives birth” Annie (knitting teacher)

Maternity Education Doll


This article was written by Joy Pocock using our Community Reporters website