Belle Isle Road eyesore site finally getting cleared

Kim Groves
20 October at 17:55

site-in-belle-isleBelle Isle Road Eyesore Site finally getting cleared!!!!!

The derelict site is real blot on the landscape. So hopefully, when transformed
It will make a huge environmental difference to the landscape.

If it goes ahead the middle of Belle Isle Road will be home to Wellspring Academy that comes with excellent sports facilities and parking around the South Leeds Hub.


The South Leeds Hub is already running lots of activities for young people and
on the opposite side of the road Hunslet Club Football and Hunslet Club Parkside


Rugby is home to hundreds of children and youths participating in sports every week.
This work is on-going so look forward to updating you all soon.

Ken says:

There is a lot of negative remarks on Facebook about this site and what its going to be used as.

Quite a lot of remarks I cant put on here as offensive. Cant wee  be pleased something is been done to tidy up the area.

Hopefully next on the list could be doing something about the derelict Doctors surgery on Winrose Grove. Knock it down and use the land, and along side be put to better use.

I continue to get letters from the council, saying owners want to extend or build flats, but does not happen.