Belle Isle & Middleton in Bloom: the good & not so good

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Windmill Primary School Children & Teacher

On Wednesday 16 March four children and school teacher Mrs Perigo from Windmill Primary School and volunteers from Belle Isle & Middleton in Bloom, Chris Holmes, myself, Lynne Spirrett and another new volunteer, and as always forget her name. I will put name on here when I get to know.

We all planted some spring flowers in containers (mainly Primroses) on Belle Isle Parade and in the East Granges. It was a cold day, but everyone got well wrapped up.

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Chris Holmes and Children Planting the flowers.

We waited for the flowers for planting to be delivered on site. This did not happen,  so I went to collect them myself and another car was used from the Nursery to deliver on-site.

1 of the planters planted by the group. Before Idiots stole some flowers.

It looked lovely with all the beautiful colours. I liked the Primroses the best. After about 2 hours. We made our way home, me I had to get changed for a meeting and BITMOs GATE walk.

This time the walk was to do a recki for the Sports Relief 1 hour walk. Will comment on this on another blog.

23 March at 20:02 ·

The Statement below from Chris Holmes and transferred here with his kind permission after some plants were stolen.

Chris Says, Hi, my name is Chris and I am Chair of Belle Isle & Middleton In Bloom. Plants have been stolen from 4 planters (2 of which are Instaplanta’s) at a cost of around £100.

These were planted by volunteers and local school children all to benefit the community and local area.

So this person/these people have not just stolen from the In Bloom group but the whole community.

The group cannot afford to keep replacing stolen plants as we have already lost about £800 from Instaplanta. They are a great local company that we use who do sponsored planters, with some of the revenue coming to our group.

This help is lost because Highways won’t allow them to place more Planters. Our Councillors are not willing to help. So the way things are going I do not think we will see the year out unless something is done.

I would like to thank you each and every one of you for your “likes” and support. I would especially like to thank Instaplanta for their partnership and the gifts they have donated to Windmill Primary School and BITMO raffles. They really do work hard and have the community spirit.

The theft of the flowers has been reported to the Police. If anybody does know about it or has an idea who stole them please ring 101 and quote reference number 13160126389. Thank you everyone for your support.


Deb’s Balance. From In-Bloom Facebook page Says.

This is not acceptable, if anyone has information of who has took them, please come forward.


Graham Evans. Says From in-bloom Facebook page

If the people who stole these plants live in belle isle they should be ashamed of themselves.

People are giving up their time and money to make belle isle a nicer place to live and these s……. are spoiling it, probably to enhance their own gardens.


Kenneth Ingram (In Bloom Treasurer) Says.

We have limited funds in the Bank and a volunteer agreed to pay for half of the £103.00 it cost us to buy plants for this recent planting.

Also I have spent £24.00 of my own money this morning to go and buy some more plants, which I have now planted to replace the ones stolen.

As a pensioner I can’t afford to pay out of my own pocket again. This has got to stop.

As Chris Holmes says, unless we can get funding, In-Bloom will most likely finish by the end of this year.


Please note all photos are my © You can use these only with my permission.

Not much left after plants were stolen. I have replaced these, this morning 25th March.

Your comments are greatly appreciated can be placed in comments box below.

Thank you Kenneth Ingram (Treasurer) Belle and Middleton In-Bloom.

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Lynne and Belle Isle and Middleton In-Bloom volunteer. Getting to work.