Belle Isle Gala 28 June 2014


After a rainy morning at the parkrun, went straight to the Belle Isle Gala, in my guise to do blog and take photos for South Leeds Life.



Was disappointed for Julie and Chris and BITMO staff that a lot of stall holders supposed to be there like last year did not turn up because of the weather. (51)

Surely stall holders putting up a gazebo would have helped.

Think most of these were organisations, rather than the ones that did stay and raise money for good causes, and had Tombola stalls.

So well done to all the volunteers that did stay and made sure the event carried on for the public. Over the few hours of the Gala, hundreds turned up sporting brolleys, and rain coats.

People thought I was mad as I was in tee-shirt and shorts, but I was quite warm after parkrun.

(4)Still raining, looked for where the Queen’s deputy might be, as I did not want to miss taking photos of the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Michael Fox and his wife Lynne.

I got a feeling where he and his wife had gone, so walked into the school where children lined up in the corridor to meet him.

I went passed the room where he was talking to some Children and Julie (bless her) knowing I wanted some exclusive photos saw me and asked me into the VIP room.

Not even Yorkshire Evening Post was in there.

Hilary Benn MP also turned up, to the VIP Room. Must have been following me.

Got some lovely photos, of the Deputy Lord Lieutenant and his wife, which you can see on this blog slideshow.

South Leeds Life Stall

Jeremy was handing out copies of South Leeds Life Newspaper and talking to people about our first newspaper, pilot edition.

Which been told had a fantastic response, and look forward to a new run in about October time.

Supreme Starlets

Helen Taylor, in marquee with a tombola stall raising money for the Starlets. At least one of her daughters is in the dance troupe. Photos of some of the troupe, dancing are in the slide show.

Morley Exotic Animals rescue

Always make a beeline to see what exotic animals they have managed to rescue.

Include a Baby Meercat, Snakes, Spiders a Skunk and a lovely Owl. Oh and a massive lizard of some type (please see slide show).


BITMO run the Belle Isle council estate and sheltered housing on behalf of the Council.

Every few years, residents get the chance to vote whether to keep with BIMTO or hand back to the Council. Overwhelmingly on every occasion the residents decide to stay with BITMO.

Many took the opportunity to take away leaflets on paying rent and on other issues.


This is on the site of the old Library (attached to BITMO offices) and has been transformed into a centre where many activities go on through the day, five days a week. (50)

Such as Family Tree research with Julie.

Advice on various things. Free lunch day, soup and roll.

Computer classes, and many more activities.

Ronnie the Rhino and Harry the Hawk

Children, to have photos taken with their Rugby League team mascots.

Glad to say the pair did not get into a fight.

Health For All

Giving out advice, and Leaflets on Health issues.

(39)The Church Lads and Girls Brigade.

Giving out advice and information.

Leeds Tenant Information

Giving out advice on fair rents.

South Leeds Media

Allowing use of their PA system. Providing music for The Supreme Starlets dance troupe.

MPs and Councillor’s

Hilary Benn MP, Councillors Judith Blake, Kim Groves and Paul Truswell. Giving their support as they walked around the Gala.

Drum  Circus

Giving an opportunity, for everyone to have a go on the drums.

Children’s Orchestra

In the main School Hall. Very young children.

Well done to all and teachers.                                                                                                       (41)A choir

Sadly I missed you sing Jeremy, must have been somewhere else on site. Lol.

Truffles The Magician

Making animals out of Balloons, for the Kiddies.

All the good causes stalls.

Without all these stalls, funds can’t be raised for good causes. Well done to all involved, staying even in the bad weather.


I now know my very expensive Camera is Waterproof.

Well after three or four hours, and wet through, made my way home for a nice hot shower, food and watching Football.

Will be back again next year.