Belle Isle Gala 2013


Supreme Starlets dance troupe at Belle Isle Gala. Photo by Kenneth ingram
Supreme Starlets dance troupe at Belle Isle Gala.
Photo by Kenneth Ingram

Belle Isle Gala took place on Saturday 22nd June 2013 at Windmill Primary School.

I went down to the Gala a bit early in the hope that I could take some photos of the stalls before it got too busy. I had been asked if I would like to take some photos by BITMO and at the same time take some for South Leeds Life Blog. I jumped at the chance. I am also doing an editorial for the BITMO magazine “Bits n Pieces” and, as you can see, South Leeds Life.

There was already a trickle of people making their way around the various stalls. Although the weather forecast for the day was poor, (dark clouds all day) we only had two showers, which lasted minutes, when people just got undercover in the marquees and the rugby club hall.

I was surprised by the number of people giving up their time to raise funds for their given causes, with many Tombola stalls. Money has to be raised somehow, for instance dance costumes for dance troupes and community services etc.

Thought I would list some of the stalls and exhibits on the day.

  • One of the many stallsDance troupes Supreme Starlets
  • Clever Dogs
  • Exotic Animals
  • Fire & Police Service
  • Hook a Duck
  • Mobile Library
  • South Leeds Youth Hub
  • Steel Band
  • South Leeds Belle Isle Scout Group
  • The Royal British Legion
  • Hunslet Parkside Rugby Teams
  • Tenants Hall & Health for All
  • Belle Isle in Bloom
  • Belle Isle Winter Aid
  • NGT Trolley Bus
  • South Leeds Life Blog
  • Drum Workshop

Plus councillors for the area. Sorry if I have missed you, I did take notes as much as I could.

Boa constricterI could not wait to see the Morley Exotic Animals, so I made my way there. There was I believe what you call a Gecko, and a couple of Snakes. I handled a Boa Constrictor, which wasn’t slimy at all, about three feet long. It managed to wrap itself around my arm, this is how it crushes its prey. Had it been fully grown snake, would not be here to tell the tale!

I talked to NGT, about any update on trolleybus. I saw the same lady who I met at the public meeting. The lady told me that the route has changed, and to go onto web site for an update.

Later I saw Harry the Hawk, arrested by Police for misbehaving. Now why could it not be Ronnie the Rhino?

Councilers & BITMO StaffI said hello to Colin Cooper, stalwart of Hunslet Parkside Rugby Club. Colin asked me to take photographs of the two teams playing later, which I did along with Councillors and the Belle Isle Challenge Cup organised by Hunslet Club Parkside Academy and sponsored by BITMO.

The Police and Fire Service were there, showing young children around their vehicles. I think they loved putting the “blues & twos” on, frightening everyone to death. The Police even put a couple of children in the cage on their van as a bit of fun, suddenly they all wanted to go in.

Next on my list was the Steel Band. They did a few numbers I knew. One lady asked if they could play Happy Birthday to her, which the boss man did.

I went along to see Clever Dogs doing their various tricks – going through tunnels and jumping over things.

Then onto the Drum Workshop. The children were making a din, so I made a quick exit.

It was amazing how many people I knew as I walked round. After nearly four hours of taking photos and writing my notes, I got home for a rest and looked back on a very enjoyable day.

Hopefully I will be back next year and do it all again.

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  1. Please note in the picture, that is not me with the snake at that time. Had to hand over to Handler for me to take photo.

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