Belle Isle 500 winner: The Confusion

On each day of this week South Leeds Life are publishing the 5 winning stories from this years Belle Isle 500 short story competition.

There were over 150 entries to the competition from pupils in years 5 and 6 at Windmill, Low Road and Clapgate Primary Schools and the winners were revealed at the awards ceremony held last week (4 December 2017) at the GATE Community Resource Centre in Belle Isle. Well done to all the pupils who took part. With the standard being very high it was difficult picking out the winners but we feel the ones we have picked out are worthy indeed! See below for our second winner of the week, Ella Crawford from Clapgate Primary School.

The Confusion, by Ella Crawford

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Willow who was eight years old. She had not yet experienced the dangers of life therefore she was not afraid of the future. One day, she went shopping with her mum and saw the strangest sight. A little girl was holding onto a lamppost and her fingers were slipping. It looked as though she was getting sucked in through the door of the convenience store. But that wasn’t the strangest bit of it. Willows mum had disappeared and the little girl appeared to be shrinking! The last Willow saw of her was when she let out a high pitched squeal and then she disappeared.

Willow was flabbergasted, she screamed and stepped back, tripping over her feet. Reluctantly she walked into the store, not having a choice. She pushed herself on, unwillingly, noticing very oddly that every box, tub and carton had a little door in it. ‘How strange’ she whispered to herself. ‘Strange indeed’ said a snail below her. Willow gasped in shock, looking down. ‘You are worthy my dear, worthy as can be!’ And that was the last Willow heard of the snail. She repeatedly went over these words in her head wondering what they meant. Her eyes were closed at this point but when they opened…oh…what a sight!

Giant palm trees sprouted up from the ground, reaching high into the dark night sky. Lush green vines and clumps of grass hung everywhere. Great big night owls soaring high above her, blinking their round eyes continuously. The moon glistened high above her, the stars twinkling, looking almost as if they were warning her. ‘What?’ she muttered to herself. Then all of a sudden a huge dragon scooped her up in its large scaly arms! ‘LET ME GO, LET ME GO!’ she cried.

Then just as she was about to cry the fire in her bust out and lashed the dragons face. She grabbed a sword randomly floating in the air and sliced the dragon well and truly dead. Then crowds of tiny people came bursting out of every single nook and cranny there was. ‘What?’ she enquired. But her words were muffled by the people hugging and squeezing her…

Then she was scooped up by them and carried away to a castle. When they entered she saw velvet curtains and cushions. She saw two thrones with embedded jewels, outlined in gold. There was a large banquet stretched out on a long, long table. As I mentioned before there were two thrones and the little people plopped her down on one. ‘Who else lives here?’ she said curiously. The people just shrugged and then pointed to a large portrait. In the portrait she could see lots of little people and what looked like a king and queen. There was a lady who looked a lot like her mum, then a little person called the others and they worshipped her forever.


This post was written by James Major using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.