Beeston man jailed over Leeds horse attacks

A man who stabbed, slashed and strangled horses in a field in Leeds has been jailed.

Luke Ward, aged 37, of Upper Woodview Place, Beeston, attacked the animals at a farm off Hall Lane, Farnley, in July last year.

One horse was discovered with a shoelace tied tightly around its neck in what appeared to be an attempt to strangle it and three other horses were also found to have been injured, including one with a deep cut and a long slash to the side of the neck and another with a 3-4-inch laceration to the face.

A knife with an 8-inch blade was found at the scene and forensic analysis found Ward’s DNA on it.

When Ward, who had lived opposite the farm at the time of the incident, was interviewed about the offences, he denied being involved.

He was subsequently charged with four offences of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He admitted the offences at an earlier hearing at Leeds Crown Court and yesterday was sentenced to 45 months in prison.

PC Rachel Harrison, of Leeds West Patrol Team 3, who investigated the offences, said:

“Ward targeted these defenceless animals and caused serious injuries to them which left them in significant pain and distress.

“He has not explained his actions and we can only assume that he derived some sense of satisfaction from inflicting these injuries on them.

“As well as the pain and distress caused to the horses, these incidents also caused upset to the owners and understandable concern in the local community.

“When he was interviewed, Ward denied the offences and said that he had grown up with horses and would never hurt any animal, but the forensic evidence linked him to the scene and resulted in his guilty pleas.

“We hope it will provide some reassurance to the victims and to the wider community to know that he has now had to answer for his actions.”


This post is based on a press release issued by West Yorkshire Police


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2 Replies to “Beeston man jailed over Leeds horse attacks”

  1. Totally disgusting what this horrible man has done to these beautiful horses , 45 months in jail is not long enough a sentence in my opinion, I hope these horses can recover from this terrible ordeal in time with help from their caring owners

  2. Them poor horses I’m a horse person n I no that will be someone money spent on them horses n some dickhead like him dose that to there baby’s 45 months ante long enough if them horses didn’t have to b put down coz of what he done to them there vet bill will b sky high he should of been made to pay for them to get better hope the horses are OK xxx

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