Beeston local launches Gambian school renovation project

Yanks Sawo is a well-known member of the community in Beeston Hill, and a long-standing member of staff in the RAF. He describes here his former primary school in his homeland of The Gambia, and his new campaign to raise funds to support the new generations of children coming through it.

“I went to Nuimi Lamin Primary School, The Gambia, in 1980. I remember the days well and the little facilities we had then.

The school has always struggled – but recently, the situation has become worse as two of the classrooms have been deemed unsafe and closed down, due to cracks in the walls.

This has meant that half of the 350 children at the school come in the morning and the rest come in the afternoon. As such, they are not getting the full tuition as there isn’t enough time to cover the lessons.

I have started this campaign to raise £4,000 to do the repairs to the school classrooms – so that they can be opened up again, to enable all the children to have a full day at the school.

Please support my appeal to help the primary-aged children to receive a full education that will help them break the cycle of poverty. Please click on this link to donate: Many thanks for any support you can offer.”