Beeston in Bloom

This is not the best time of year to introduce you to a gardening club but here is what we did in our last monthly big dig before the snow came:

We call it the Cardinal Triangle, I’m not sure why, but if you want to see how it is getting on, it is between the Dewsbury Road and the Ring Road on the way to The White Rose Centre.

Beeston in Bloom meets monthly to discuss plans and achievements at 5 pm on the first Monday of the month in the Watsonia Pavilion in Cross Flatts Park and monthly to garden on the third Saturday – we post where we will be working on the website calendar.  Up for discussion this Monday was what to do with the flower border this summer:

This is it last August, it is next to the bowling green in Cross Flatts Park and not far from the Millennium Garden and Watsonia Pavilion.

And something to look forward to:

Nothing to do with Beeston in Bloom, this is Holbeck Cemetery, across the road from Cross Flatts Park, last May.  Here’s hoping that Spring will come to South Leeds a little sooner this year.