Beeston & Holbeck ward hustings

Last night (26 April 2021) South Leeds Life hosted an online hustings meeting as part of our local elections coverage.

All the candidates standing in the ward were invited to attend and take questions from our readers. Subjects covered included: the Managed Approach to street sex work in Holbeck; cycle lanes; Low Traffic Neighbourhood proposed for Cross Flatts; prioritising residents interests over party policies and more.

You can watch the whole meeting here:


Please note that the recording cut off the very beginning of the meeting including Rebecca Kellett’s introduction.

We have two more hustings coming up tonight and tomorrow:


Hunslet & Riverside Ward

Tuesday 27 April at 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 897 7511 8354
Passcode: 327062


Middleton Park Ward

Wednesday 28 April at 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 845 9823 0249
Passcode: 704676


Each meeting is being co-chaired by two of our Board members: Christine Smart and Linda Meikle.

Please email your question to Please include your full name address and specify which ward meeting you wish to ask your question in. Remember that questions should be in form that can be addressed by every candidate. Questions can also be posted in the Chat section during the meeting.

Don’t forget that we’ve also invited candidates to submit a short written statement and video – you can read these on our election pages here.