Beeston Hill & Holbeck housing scheme underway at last


Work is getting underway at last on the PFI-funded housing regeneration scheme for Beeston Hill and Holbeck.

sc4L consultation Aug13
Residents discuss the work with sc4L staff. Photo: Jeremy Morton

Following the government’s green light last month, the consortium sc4L is swinging into action to start delivering the programme of 275 new homes and 383 refurbished homes in Holbeck and Beeston Hill. At an open day yesterday (5th August 2013) at St Matthew’s Community Centre they revealed their plans and timetables. Meanwhile outside, diggers were already preparing the compound that will be the hub of the works over the next four years.

With so much work on many sites, there is a very detailed rolling programme. Work will commence on demolitions and ground preparation next month with sites such as Folly Lane in Beeston and the Holbeck Towers site seeing the first new homes being built in 2014.

Meanwhile survey work will begin on Council properties in Holbeck that are to be refurbished. Work on Meynell Heights will start with external cladding followed by a programme of internal improvements next spring. Residents will be consulted about establishing new community allotments in place of redundant garages. Owner occupiers in the Ninevahs and Ingrams will be offered the chance to have external works to their homes done and benefit from the reduced costs, due to economies of scale.

sc4L compound works
Work starts on the sc4L compound. Photo: Jeremy Morton

Residents at the open day had the chance to choose finishes for new kitchens and bathrooms and to express their interest in building apprenticeships with Employment Leeds. Sc4L are keen to work with residents and continue the work that the Community Advisory Group did whilst the plans were drawn up. They would like residents to help them with checking how they are doing, helping with newsletters, helping us to employ local people and helping with community projects.

Jon Hinchliff, sc4L General Manager said:

“The team we have assembled to deliver this project is local, committed, professional and vastly experienced. We are all keen to get started and are looking forward to making a positive difference to the neighbourhoods and communities living here.”

As well as building and refurbishing the homes, sc4L will be responsible for all repairs and maintenance on the homes for the next 20 years. That responsibility will start on 30th September 2013, so watch out for information about who you should report repairs to.

You can download the recent sc4L newsletter here: Leeds PFI Newsletter Beeston 1 v4

It has also emerged that the main contractor in the sc4L consortium, Keepmoat, will also be building the new homes on Brown Lane East for Unity Homes & Enterprise. Work on this site is expected to start this autumn.