Beeston gang feud brought to an end

A gang feud that saw cars burned out and houses rammed by 4×4 vehicles appears to be over.

An injunction was granted against seven men at a hearing in Bradford last December.  Prosecutions had been brought for some of the crimes, but the injunction granted under legislation enacted in 2009 prohibits future behaviour. Any breach of the injunction is itself a criminal offence which can lead to arrest.

Haroon Butt, Kamran Khan, Shafaqat Ali and Zubair Ali

94 incidents offences were committed across Beeston and Beeston Hill over a two year period, culminating in a shooting on Middleton Crescent in October 2015.

The orders include a number of conditions that place strict limitations on the subjects and can see them arrested for any breaches.

These include a ban from exclusion zones covering the Beeston area; restrictions on who they can associate with; requirements to register their home address and personal mobile phone numbers with the police; restrictions on only driving vehicles registered and insured to them; a ban on carrying any flammable liquid and on using threatening or violent behaviour and wilfully remaining in the company of people engaging in such.

Four of those that are subject of the orders are: Haroon Butt, aged 28, of Cross Flatts Row, Beeston; Kamran Khan, aged 24, of Park View, Beeston; Shafaqat Ali, aged 34, of Cross Flatts Avenue, Beeston; and Zubair Ali, aged 25, of Cross Flatts Avenue, Beeston. Three other men cannot be named due to legal reasons as two are the subject of ongoing court proceedings and another is yet to be served with the full injunction.

Commenting on the injunction, Beeston & Holbeck Councillor Adam Ogilvie said:

“The local community has been understandably concerned about the actions of these individuals over the last few years. We would like to thank residents in Beeston for their patience and ongoing vigilance in this matter and would advise anyone with information or concerns relating to these individuals in the future to immediately report their concerns to the police.

“We would also like to thank Mark Burns-Williamson, the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, for securing these important injunctions and for showing that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated.”

Cllr Patrick Davey (City & Hunslet) added:

“I’m very grateful for the diligent work carried out by the Leeds District Serious Organised Crime Unit over a number of months to ensure my constituents and their property are kept safe.  As the local councillor I will not hesitate to use all of the powers at my disposal and to make it clear that no one is ‘untouchable’ or above the law.  I would reiterate to everyone to report any crime, no matter how small or trivial it may seem and take comfort that whilst it might not be immediately apparent that action has been taken the Police working with the Council and other agencies do have a strategy in place to disrupt the criminal element that live among us.”

Chief Superintendent Paul Money, Leeds District Commander, said:

“These orders place severe restrictions on the ringleaders of this feud and make them liable to arrest and potential imprisonment for any breaches. In publicising the details of those who are subject of the orders we hope the public will be able to assist us in enforcing their conditions by passing on any information they have, either directly to local officers or anonymously through Crimestoppers if necessary.

“The granting of these orders is part of our continuing strategy to disrupt these criminal elements and to avoid any repeat of the completely unacceptable scenes that the people of Beeston had to witness for too long.”



3 Replies to “Beeston gang feud brought to an end”

  1. Has anyone been convicted of anything with this?
    Anyone actually doing time?
    There was an attempted murder, someone was shot.
    Am I understanding this right, that the consequence for all that is these guys have been told not to do it again…..
    Really.. is that it??

    1. Hi Rich, we checked back with West Yorkshire Police. This is what they told us:

      Shafaqat Ali and one of the other injunction subjects (who has not been named due to him being yet to be formally served with the order) were each given a nine-month sentence suspended for two years, 180hrs community service and £500 costs in September last year after they both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage in relation to some of these offences.

      1. Thanks for finding more info Jeremy.
        Community service and a small fine doesn’t seem like a significant punishment for the crimes which are described.
        I suspect many people find such an outcome somewhat bewildering..

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