Beeston Festival needs 1500 plastic bottles

How many plastic bottles does it take to make a greenhouse?

Councillor Angela Gabriel is appealing to people living across the Beeston area to save their plastic bottles for a forthcoming project.

As part of this year’s Beeston Festival, which takes place on June 11th in Cross Flatts Park, committee member Gary Williams is planning to build a greenhouse from plastic bottles.  This is to highlight that this year’s festival theme is green issues and recycling.

It is estimated that the builders will need around 1500 bottles and Councillor Gabriel is therefore asking that local people save any they have to help get to this total.

Councillor Angela Gabriel (Beeston & Holbeck) said:

“Building a green house from 2 litre plastic bottles is a great way to make use of something that would otherwise be thrown away.  It is important that we reuse as much as we can instead of throwing it away and filling up landfills.

“However we can only build the greenhouse if we get enough plastic bottles, so I am appealing to everyone who lives locally to save any they have.  They can bring them along with them to the festival or contact me on 07946 632 468 and I will go round and collect them.”

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