Beeston Asda and Tesco plans set for January showdown

January looks set for the next episode of Beeston’s ‘Store Wars’ saga as both Asda and Tesco look to build new stores in Old Lane.

As reported in our live blog last Tursday, Beeston Forum will be hosting Sally Pinder of Asda and Richard Anderson of Anderson Communications on Thursday, January 5 to discuss Asda’s proposals to demolish their existing store on Old Lane and build a new, larger store on the site.

Apparently both Asda and Tesco plans are due to be discussed by city councillors at a plans panel meeting in the Civic Hall on January 26.

The Forum is neutral over both plans. Beeston Forum meets at 7.30pm at Beeston Village Community Centre, St Anthony’s Drive, Beeston.

Would you prefer a new Asda or Tesco in Beeston? Or both or neither? 42% prefer Asda in our poll – cast your vote here.