Barkly Road, Beeston

SO, Ladies, Gentlemen and children of our little village, Beeston. After years of battling against the proposed Mosque (sorry, multi faith Islamic learning centre etc, etc) we finally learn that the Planning Advisor, who we believe resides in BRISTOL, has given the vote to Aspiring Communities that it is a good idea for the build to go ahead.

Over 3000 people, residents in our local community, local Councillors, all three and a Labour Government Minister of our Ward, are (and always will be) against this build. An underground car park is to be excavated when the time comes, causing all sorts of noise, pollution and general misery, all for people to use this building every now and again. Barkly Road, is wide enough for just two vehicles to pass, what will it be like when wagons and tipper trucks are in and out with all excavated debris ?

Why, you ask. It is to integrate OUR Society into Islamic ways, one door for the men and one for the Sisters I presume as other buildings in our area are.

All discussions over the last few years have all been against extra traffic in our area, air pollution and noise, but the person who thinks this is a good idea will know nothing about it. The local primary schools are in danger of having children at risk through traffic, but no, that doesn’t matter.

Local residents, the nearest being no more that ten yards behind this centre, are not being thought about.

Beeston, as I write, is in total turmoil, people are doing what most people are thinking, and their properties are up for sale.

I applaud the Committees of “Save Our Beeston”, Community forums and special thanks go to individuals who have worked long and tirelessly for our cause, no names mentioned but we all know who they are. Devastated, that’s the only word I can think of, how they feel at this moment.

Beeston, how we have known it for generations, will never be the same again!!


This post was written by John Adamson using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.


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  1. Well said,people will try to move out of the area now,BUT,watch the price of property in that area drop by 20% below market price,.which if you still wish to leave you will after take the loss,inwhich persons who will use this abomination will flood into the area,in five year time it will be on it way to be a getto for crime,idiot’s flying around in their little cars which these places bring,beeston USED to be a great place to live,but we’ve all been sold down to river to oblige our “PC” question,,the building this new mousqe is to be,,was it giving away to these people,or bought.

    1. i feel so sorry for the residents of beeeston i lived in parkside parade for 25 years and got out 12 years back it used to be a lovely area but it has deteriated over the past few years.Just take a look at holbeck i grew up there as a child old holbeck people would never reconise it now this is what will happen to beeston in the not too distant future i feel like a outcast in my own birthplace

  2. I am absolutely appalled at the decision. I come from Beeston & still have family there.
    I live near the notsogrand mosque in Leeds 6 in a small street & it is an absolute nightmare with traffic. Every Friday afternoon our streets are inundated with vehicles & the associated noise & exhaust pollutants they bring. Parking correctly is not observed & it is downright dangerous yet the council & police do nothing….the area is choked every week.
    We have just gone through Ramadan, which has been a nightly disturbance – for the whole month we have been subjected to a nightly onslaught of vehicles on the streets up to 1:45, 2:00am in the early hours of the morning.
    All this & yet there is a massive car park just 1 minutes walk away on Burley Road.

    Shame on the people who have no thought for anothers air quality or peace.

    Shame on the council who never did an environmental impact survey (& after this decision do you actually take any notice of them anyway) & who repeatedly ignore the people who are actually resident in an area – WE NEED RESIDENTS ONLY CAR PARKING.

    If this building in Beeston is to be used for functions that are at odd hours, & also for those outside the area to come to, then it should be sited away from residential areas.

  3. As a Catholic living happily in Beeston, my Muslim neighbours are welcome to reuse this building. Was it not derelict? Thank you.

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