Asda staff help splash the paint at community centre

The Community team at the new Asda Leeds Beeston store recently donned their overalls, whipped out their decorating tools and helped to give Beeston Village Community Centre the 60 minute makeover treatment.

Beeston community 1

The Asda team were on hand for two days to help donate their time and skills to help refurbish the former library. Beeston Village Community Centre caters for around 300 locals each week and has been a vital part of the town since 2009.

Toshal Bhatia, Healthy Communities Manager at Beeston Village Community Centre:

“I’d love to say thank you to the Asda construction team for donating both their time and skills to help keep the centre up and running for the local community.

“The centre hosts many clubs and activities each and every week, so it is great that we are going to be able to keep providing this for generations to come in the community.”


This post was written by Katie Dryland using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.